Membership in AB Tech is open to all Carnegie Mellon University students. In general, we recommend members have a good sense of humor and a willingness to push heavy stuff. If you have an interest in big speakers, fancy lighting, or being backstage at some of the coolest events on campus, AB Tech is the place to be.

Twice a year (September and January), AB Tech is at the Activities Fair along with other student organizations. Stop by, sign up, and we’ll email you a place to show up to meet everyone else and start playing with some of the most awesome and expensive equipment in town. You can also check us out at our annual Sound and Light Studio during First-Year Orientation.

You can also sign up for our dlist right here, right now:

Generally our most extensive new member orientation event is held shortly after the September Activities Fair, but we encourage you to join at any time. Almost all of our training is done “on the job,” and most of our members knew very little to nothing before they joined. After your sixth event, you’ll “learn our secret handshake” and be considered a full member. AB Tech has no dues, no mandatory events/participation, and no other special requirements to stay a member: just show up to events when you have time!

Other options for joining AB Tech include: