Current Crew


Photo of Clarise Liu

Clarise Liu

Co-Head of Tech

Clarise is a junior studying computer science with a minor in Intelligent Environments. They mainly do lighting, event communications, and power in AB Tech. Clarise loves fast-paced music, animated movies, creating tangible and interactive experiences, and the game Cats&Soup.

Photo of Stella Yim

Stella Yim

Co-Head of Tech

Stella is a junior studying mechanical engineering. In AB Tech, she does a lot of sound and driving trucks. Sometimes she will randomly do stage management, get a new tattoo, or blast K-pop in techroom while battling balloons.

Photo of Queenie Chen

Queenie Chen

Co-Finance Chair

Queenie (!) is a Junior in Computational Finance minoring in Drama and Behavioral Economics. She loves swimming, hiking, participating in theatre (watching/producing!). Fun fact -- her birthday is usually the first/second day of class for spring semester.

Photo of Maggie Gong

Maggie Gong

Co-Finance Chair

Maggie is a sophomore studying ECE who enjoys doing lighting and is interested in learning about all areas in Tech. In her free time, Maggie loves watching musicals and playing certain winter sports.

Photo of Fletcher Sun

Fletcher Sun

Equipment Manager

Fletcher is a sophomore studying StatsML and IRP. In tech, he mainly does lighting, and is a fan of a certain fixture that start with B and end with E. In his spare time, he likes playing and watching soccer(occasionally during tech too), going down random wikipedia pages, blasting J-pop/musicals/military marches, and sleep.

Photo of Grace Kam

Grace Kam

Personnel Manager

Grace is a junior studying Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering. In her free time she likes playing violin, cooking, playing board games, and dancing :)

Photo of Chloe Poon

Chloe Poon

Internal Operations Chair

Chloe is a sophomore majoring in ECE and BME. In her free time she likes to sleep, eat, stare into space, and crochet. Fun fact -- her andrewid is cpoon2

Photo of Heidi Tao

Heidi Tao

Social Chair

Heidi is a sophomore studying Information Systems with a minor in Engineering Studies. She takes random photos and videos and enjoys (the good) random things that happen.

Photo of Max Wang

Max Wang

Training Chair

Max is a sophomore in ABTech interested in (but not good at!) lighting, sound, stage management and media. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, watching anime and staying in his room.

Photo of Wellington Jiang

Wellington Jiang

Tracker Dev

Wellington is a sophomore studying ECE with a minor in math and econ. Within AB Tech, he is most interested in sound, but also loves driving trucks, vans and golf carts for AB Tech's off campus events. In his free time, Wellington likes to take photos, blast music, read, and sleep.

Photo of Gyan Singh

Gyan Singh

Repair & Maintenance Chair

Gyan is a sophomore studying ECE. She mainly does lighting design in AB Tech but enjoys dabbling in sound and production management. In her free time, you can find her making art, doing any variety of outdoorsy activities, or perched on the tallest surface in the room.

Photo of Percival



Percival is our favorite and fluffiest techie! With over 2 decades of knowledge, it enjoys being a vital member in all lighting and sound events. Whether it's for moral support or late-night contemplation, Percival is here for all of us, all the time ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ

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