Current Crew


Photo of Gwyneth Chen

Gwyneth Chen

Co-Head of Tech

Gwyneth is a senior majoring in computer science and minoring in linguistics who also enjoys writing, philosophical discussions, and crafting with her hands. Within AB Tech, she specializes in lighting and dabbles in almost everything else.

Photo of Perry Naseck

Perry Naseck

Co-Head of Tech

Perry is a senior studying art and electrical & computer engineering. His art focuses on electronics, software, and interaction. In AB Tech he does a lot of sound and event management.

Photo of Shannon Ding

Shannon Ding

Finance Chair

Shannon is a junior studying computer science. She mostly does sound and stage management although is excited to learn about all aspects of Tech! In her spare time, she likes playing instruments, hiking, and audiobooks.

Photo of Andrew Sheng

Andrew Sheng

Personnel Manager

Andrew is a senior studying Computer Science. In AB Tech, he primarily works with sound, especially with bands, talent shows, and dance shows, but wants to learn and get familiarized with other aspects of Tech such as lighting.

Photo of Alex Strasser

Alex Strasser

Equipment Manager

Alex Strasser is junior studying ECE and Robotics. He enjoys repairing our equipment and doing lighting for events.

Photo of Iris Chang

Iris Chang

Training Chair

Iris is a junior studying Professional Writing and Business with a focus on communication design. This is her third year in AB Tech, where she does stage management. In her free time, she enjoys teaching her parakeets new tricks.

Photo of Laura Wu

Laura Wu


Laura is a sophomore studying electrical & computer engineering and music tech (but still undecided). In AB Tech, she works with event communication.

General Members