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Please submit only one request per event. If your event has multiple dates with multiple parts (i.e. rehearsals, multiple setup times, etc.), then please note the additional parts in the details box below.

Please try to allow for least one week advance notice of the event. Larger events require more lead time (usually 2 weeks or more). We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible to make sure we can fit you in our schedule, as we frequently work multiple events simultaneously and have limited staff and equipment. Events requested less than a week in advance may incur a small late fee. Events requested less than 48 hours in advance will incur a larger late fee.

Changes (venue, times, equipment needs, etc.) or cancellations to the event less than 48 hours before the show may not be possible or may incur an additional late notice fee.

Please state the precise venue (i.e. "UC Rangos 1 through 3" instead of just "Rangos")

Please contact us before reserving a venue and confirming show time so that we can estimate the time required for our setup and teardown. Smaller shows may only require an hour for setup, but larger shows may require 8 hours or more. We need full access to the venue from the setup time through the end of our teardown, which can be for up to a few hours following the end of the show (depending on the complexity).

Please let us know if any of these components will be a part of your event (even if AB Tech is not providing them):

Please be sure to include:
  • Event type: Describe the details of the event/show/activity so we can provide the right equipment and staff
  • Estimated timings: for the event and setup time, or if your event spans multiple days
  • Technical riders and contracts: If performers have provided you with technical "riders" or requirements in their contract, it is best for us to have a copy of these to ensure they are met. Additionally, contact information for the performer is often useful if we need to request a clarification on technical requirements.
  • Files: If you need to share any files with us, please reply to the confirmation email with the attachments. Alternatively, we can provide a Carnegie Mellon Google Shared Drive folder.
  • Any other relevant information or special requests